Namco Pacman (Pinky) Power plush 10"<br /><br /><span style="color:red" class="smallText">FREE SHIPPING</span>

Namco Pacman (Pinky) Power plush 10\"

Namco Pacman (Pinky) Power plush 10"


Item Code: 11-020-0002
Reg. Price: $34.99

Get moving with PAC-MAN's favorite Pink Ghost Pinky as he can chase Pacman via waddling. This Pinky power toy can chase down anyone as soon as you hit the switch! So now you can create a real life Pacman maze in the comfort of your own room with this soft toy!


Namco Pacman Pokey Ghost Plush 10"
Namco Pacman Pokey Ghost Plush 10"
Price: $24.99
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